Jennifer Macey

Journalist, Podcaster, Radio Documentary maker

Bulli, NSW, Australia

Jennifer Macey



Follow the Money - Episode 9 - Economic Models

The Australia Institute's Podcast series 'Follow the Money' - produced by Jennifer Macey.

Apeeling price - Judge's Pick in Audiocraft awards

Won the judge's prize in the Audiocraft short feature challenge. Fruit & Veg shops love their puns.

Third Prize in KCRW's 24-hour Radio Race 2016

'A Secret Garden' by Jennifer Macey and Jo Upton won 3rd prize in KCRW's 24-hour Radio Race. Link to Story

The science of play - Australia opens first kids' museum

The science behind children’s play is being studied with vigor at a new children's museum in Wollongong.

Australia’s war on renewables

Australia's emissions are on the rise after the government withdraws support for wind and solar.

Aboriginal groups want cultural fishing rights made law

Despite laws to protect Aboriginal cultural fishing Indigenous people are still being jailed for fishing.

Refugee students get homework help from volunteers

Former teachers in Wollongong help refugee students with their homework and their English.

Indonesian loggers find work as elephant keepers

To curb deforestation in Indonesia one group of illegal loggers have retrained as elephant keepers.

More than motels needed to house the homeless

Motels in Sydney's western suburbs are becoming half-way houses for homeless families.

Tassie dairy farmers in price war with National Foods

Tasmanian Dairy farmers say they're getting less than the price of production for their milk.

Edelweiss Pirates - Nazi resistance youth movement

Cologne teenagers called the Edelweiss Pirates risked their lives to sabotage the Nazi regime.


Jennifer Macey

I’m a journalist, podcast producer and radio documentary maker. My radio work has aired on DW Radio, ABC Radio, Pacifica Radio and KCRW.

Currently I am producing The Australia Institute's podcast "Follow the Money", "This Kid Life" a podcast for kids for the Sydney Opera House, "The Colour Cycle" a podcast exploring cultural diversity in the Australian arts sector and an oral history podcast in the Illawarra called "The Bowerbirds".

I've covered UN Climate Change conferences, the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, reported from Indonesia on the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, talked to the Archbishop of Krakow about Poland joining the EU, met members of Cologne's Nazi resistance movement, interviewed elephants and their keepers and heard extraordinary tales from ordinary people.

My work won the judges pick at the Audiocraft short feature challenge and 3rd prize in the KCRW's 24-hour Radio Race 2016. I am an alumni of Varuna the National Writers House.

I love listening to podcasts.